Zubin Kanga new CD: ‘Chiaroscuro’ with Jane Sheldon

Zubin Kanga new CD: ‘Chiaroscuro’ with Jane Sheldon
September 24, 2015 Jacqueline


cinque chiaroscuro Zubin Kanga album

Zubin Kanga‘s new CD with soprano Jane Sheldon, Chiaroscuro (Phosphor Records)

Review of the album in The Australian: 4.5 stars (19 Sept 2015)

“Within seconds an atmosphere of calm envelops the listener to the sublime performances on this album… Understated and elegant, Kanga’s pianism shows an impeccable approach towards the veiled and subdued nature of this music, drawn together under the apt title Chiaroscuro. Indeed, the music and performances inhabit that shadowy world of light and shade to perfection… a deeply satisfying hour of listening.”