New Australian strawberry: ‘Tamara’

New Australian strawberry: ‘Tamara’
February 5, 2018 Sarah Wade

Tamara-Anna Cislowska has earned the delightful honour of having a new variety of Australian strawberry named after her in appreciation, and celebration of her achievements.

Announced on ABC Brisbane on 5 April 2023 with an interview alongside Dr Jodi Neal  and performance with special guest, soprano Tarita Botsman:

The Australian Strawberry Breeding Program of Queensland’s Department of Agriculture and Fisheries with co-funding by Hort Innovation, produce better strawberry varieties specifically developed for each of Australia’s three major strawberry production regions: temperate, subtropical and Mediterranean. Principal Plant Breeder Dr Jodi Neal and Strawberry Breeder Dr Katie O’Connor have been developing a new temperate variety of strawberry from a hand-cross pollination between two advanced parent plants in 2015 which has since been trialled, assessed and hand-picked by farmers who especially love its outstanding flavour and appearance.

The all-female team of scientists leading the strawberry breeding program take great care in selecting names for superior varieties, naming them after accomplished, talented and remarkable Australians. Dr Jodi Neal explained that Tamara’s beautiful performances, broadcast on radio, feature heavily in the ASBP team’s weekend music listening, so when considering a name for the new ‘premium’ variety, Ms Cislowska was an easy and very fitting choice.

Lynne Turner, acting General Manager of Horticulture and Forestry Science, Department of Agriculture and Fisheries says:

“The Australian Strawberry Breeding Program (ASBP) produces improved strawberry varieties for Australian farmers and consumers and is led by the Queensland Department of Agriculture and Fisheries with co-funding by Hort Innovation. Its varieties are designed to have superior taste and shelf life for consumers and increased productivity, sustainability, and profitability for farmers.

ASBP varieties are named after accomplished, talented, and remarkable Australians. We have recently released a temperate variety called “Tamara”, inspired by Tamara-Anna Cislowska.

“Tamara-ASBP” is an excellent strawberry variety with outstanding flavour, high yield, and large fruit size, which significantly decreases cost of production by our farmers. We are excited to be able to celebrate the achievements of Tamara-Anna Cislowska in this way.

Tickled pink by this news, Tamara says: It’s an extraordinary surprise and honour to be lending a new strawberry my name. Strawberries are so bright and vitamin-rich, existing only to make our lives better, what distinction to be so close to this new variety. I’ve always thought strawberries were the most musical of the berry world. May we make each other proud and take on the globe. No daiquiri or Wimbledon refreshment or shortcake will be safe from the Tamara strawberry (ASBP)!”

The Tamara Strawberry will be available in increasing volume in the coming seasons.

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