Supporting artists, and giving back

Supporting artists, and giving back
December 8, 2019 Jacqueline

Back in early March, we hoped that by September the pandemic would be ‘under control’ to the point where live concerts and performances could take place as usual once again. Instead, with the spread of COVID-19 continuing around the world, and varying restrictions on travel and public gatherings, few concerts are due to resume this year.

It becomes even more urgent, then, to support artists’ livelihoods during this time – and particularly soloist and freelance professional musicians and composers who receive no other income or salary from a performing or academic organisation, and yet who so generously provide us with so much joy, solace, inspiration (and escapism) with their every performance.

Please support artists through the many ticketed streaming projects out there, whether for individual artists or several, such as through Melbourne Digital Concert Hall; donate to your favourite artists/ensembles/venues if you can (the Australian Cultural Fund is a good place to start); buy their music in whichever form you prefer. And if you feel comfortable, please do buy a ticket to the few live performances coming up later this year. Our Calendar will update with Cinque artists’ performances and new dates, as soon as they’re confirmed.

In the meantime, we’re finding that giving back is the fastest way to feel purposeful in the unwanted craziness, and uncertainty, of this year. Amidst planning and re-planning concerts and tours, softening the blameless blow of each new cancellation are mornings of volunteer work at a charity kitchen, school, and the privilege of spending time with parents. These challenging times reinforce the need for all of us who can, to pull together and be generous in our support, in whichever form that may take.