This mesmerising program includes immortal works by Johann Strauss Jnr such as The Beautiful Blue Danube and Emperor Waltz, Kreisler’s Viennese Rhapsodic Fantasietta and Korngold’s Straussiana Waltz.

Alexandre Da Costa’s Stradivarius in Vienna has been performed internationally and is both unique and traditional, presenting the soul of this much-loved music in an accessible and refined way.

Continuing the tradition of spectacular Viennese concerts and the great composers that had such influence there, Da Costa conducts the orchestra with his bow as Soloist / Stehgeiger according to the technique of Play & Conduct that he masters to perfection.

Da Costa plays the 1701 “Deveault” Stradivarius from the Golden Era of Stradivarius violins.

Rest assured that you will enjoy this fabulous journey to the Austrian capital in the company of conductor-soloist Alexandre Da Costa.


Rick Prakhoff – conductor

Alexandre Da Costa – violin and stehgeiger


Strauss, J Jnr – Die Fledermaus: Overture

Strauss, J Jnr – Emperor Waltz Op. 437 Kaiser-Waltz

Kreisler – Viennese Rhapsodic Fantasietta

Korngold – Straussiana Waltz 1953

Stafylakis – Valse Kinetic

Kreisler – Schön Rosmarin, Liebesleid & Liebesfreud Alt-Wiener Tanzweisen

Strauss, J Jnr – The Beautiful Blue Danube Op. 314 An der schönen blauen Donau

Strauss, J Jnr – Tritsch-Tratsch-Polka Op. 214

Strauss, J Snr – Radetzky March Op. 228