Alexandre Da Costa with his jazz trio and the Penrith Youth Orchestra

What would the music of the Baroque period have been like if Bach and Vivaldi wrote with today’s rock, jazz and electro-pop?

For anyone new to classical music or who wants to hear it in a completely different way – don’t miss internationally acclaimed ‘rockstar’ of the violin, Alexandre Da Costa, live on stage with jazz trio and the Penrith Youth Orchestra, for one show only.

Armed with his 1701 Stradivarius, this electrifying concert takes you on an exhilarating journey to revisit the composers who lived in the time of Louis XIV.

From Vivaldi as rock, jazz-tinged Bach and Pachelbel’s famous Canon with a backbeat, these are the classics as you have never heard them before – with some contemporary favourites by Queen, Hendrix and Leonard Cohen.

A unique fusion of genres, this symphonic celebration will delight, excite, and inspire music lovers of all ages.


Alexandre Da Costa / Violin

John Martin / Piano

Nicole Murray-Prior / Double Bass

Jess Ciampa / Drums

Penrith Youth Orchestra