Daniel Rojas in ‘Beats of Colours’

Daniel Rojas in ‘Beats of Colours’
February 13, 2024 Jacqueline

Latin composer and pianist, Dr Daniel Rojas features in Ver Más Australia’s short documentary, Beats of Colours, which takes viewers on a journey through the sounds of Latin Classical and Tango music. Alongside Daniel feature tango dancers, Jacqueline Gutierrez Simpson, and Anthony Miller. A story of commitment and passion for the creative process and the hardship they faced during the COVID-19 pandemic, and nominated in two notable film festivals in September and October 2023:

  • International Multicultural Film Festival (Perth): for ‘Best Documentary Short Film’, held at the State Library of Western Australia
  • Antenna Awards (Melbourne): nominations in two categories, for ‘Outstanding Journalism in a Program’ and ‘Best Arts Program’,  broadcast live from Deakin Edge, Federation Square, on Channel 44 and CTV+.

The documentary features also the Ensemble Apex Quartet on stage with Daniel at a performance (with Anna Da Silva Chen, and Beatrice Colombis on violins, Aidan Filshie on viola and Noah Oshiro on cello) and was partly filmed in spaces at the Sydney Conservatorium of Music.

Read more about it here: vermasaustralia.com/beats-of-colours and the film is now available on Youtube to watch here.