Live reviews: Simon Tedeschi with QSO

Live reviews: Simon Tedeschi with QSO
February 19, 2019 Jacqueline

Live reviews of Simon Tedeschi‘s performance of Mozart piano concerto  no.19 in F major, K.459 in the Queensland Symphony Orchestra’s Maestro series: FIREBIRD program, conducted by Umberto Clerici, in the QPAC Concert Hall (Fri 19-Sat 20 March, 2021 and livestreamed to regional centres):

  • “I’d been reliably informed that pianist Simon Tedeschi playing literally anything means you’re going to see a heck of a memorable performance. He joined QSO for Mozart’s Piano Concerto No 19 in F, KV 459. It’s hard to describe just how effortlessly Tedeschi plays this music. It’s certainly true that Tedeschi’s feather-light touch and incredible facility work perfectly with the joie de vivre of Mozart, but there were shades of Tedeschi’s experience with jazz playing as well in the perfectly neat endings to even the shortest phrases, and in the rhythmic drive that was present throughout the entire concerto. Tedeschi is great fun to see play too, since you can very clearly watch him watching the orchestra, and hear him reacting instantaneously. Honestly, I suspect this may have been one of the best Mozart performances I’ve seen in years. A real treat” – Limelight magazine (4.5 stars, March 2021)
  • Tedeschi’s performance was nothing short of brilliant and his remarkably accurate classical technique was flawless. The incredible communication between soloist, conductor, and orchestra allowed for impeccable cues and timing, as well as the melodic and harmonic similarities between the solo piano and accompanying instruments.” – Theatrehaus (March 2021)
  • a dazzling performance… Simon Tedeschi’s highly accomplished version of Mozart’s Concerto No. 19. The work is sunny, skittish and in Tedeschi’s hands became wonderfully alive. Frequently called one of Mozart’s brightest and breeziest works, Tedeschi’s hands skipped across the keyboard, barely touching the keys with lovely delicate triplet work at the upper end of the keyboard.” – StageWhispers (March 2021)