Zubin Kanga 2015 AIR award nomination for ‘Piano Inside/Out’

Zubin Kanga 2015 AIR award nomination for ‘Piano Inside/Out’
September 29, 2015 Jacqueline

Kanga PianoInsideOut cd cover2015 AIR award nomination for ‘Best Independent Classical Album’ for Zubin Kanga‘s new solo CD, Piano Inside/Out (Move)

Read about the Australian Independent Record Labels Association (AIR) Independent Music Awards here

Album reviews:

Kanga’s playing is characteristically sophisticated and commanding, and the exquisite quality of the recording is also noteworthy – not a hint of harsh brightness, but rather a deep, warm texture characterised by overtones and resonances roaming freely in a lush sonic landscape. Piano Inside Out is a beautiful recording, rich of layers and nuance. It would function splendidly as a primer for anyone wishing to begin an exploration of new music for piano.” ★★★★½
Limelight Magazine, 2015 (Piano Inside/Out, Move Records)


“Music for prepared/fortified/enhanced piano could have no better advocate than Zubin Kanga, as his new CD Piano Inside Out unequivocally demonstrates… Kanga’s prodigious musicianship and the breadth of styles represented here are both cause for celebration.”
– Gordon Kerry, The Music Trust, 2015 (Piano Inside/Out, Move Records)


It’s rare that music, regardless of genre, has the ability to truly astound. Zubin Kanga’s album Piano Inside Out does… Whilst this is an album with a serious theoretical approach to the piano …it is also a joy to listen to. This is an album that will reward the listener again and again”
Fine Music Magazine, 2015 (Piano Inside/Out, Move Records)