Live reviews of Orava Quartet

Live reviews of Orava Quartet
July 14, 2018 Jacqueline

Live reviews of the Orava Quartet performances at
 Canberra International Music Festival 2018

Haydn, Rachmaninov and Debussy


“As much-hyped as the ensemble has been, they didn’t disappoint… this is quartet playing that’s vibrant, exciting and that demonstrates an impressive commitment to a unified concept of sound and musical expression
The highlight of the concert, however, was a stunning performance of Debussy’s 1893 String Quartet…
If the Orava Quartet didn’t already have every audience member eating out of their hands with the snowballing vibrancy of Debussy’s finale, their encore … sealed the deal.”

Limelight Magazine, 2018 (read full review “The Oravas live up to the hype and more”)


“For anyone who hasn’t heard of Orava Quartet, I urge you to pick up a copy of their debut recording with Deutsche Grammophon Australia. This young ensemble is rapidly becoming one of the most exciting voices in the art music world…
 The highlight of the evening for this reviewer was Orava’s breathtaking performance of Debussy’s 1893 first and only String Quartet, in (expanded) G minor… This quartet is an incredibly virtuosic and difficult work but Orava rendered it effortlessly.”

– Canberra CityNews, 2018 (read full review “Masterful and electric young quartet”)